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It is January 15, 2014 as I write. We are actively "remodeling" so keep checking back for the changes and updates!
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We are glad you interested in our unique equestrian business. Red Horse Training & Care is a Holistic Equine & Human Training and Wellness Center based on a small farm in New Springfield, Ohio.  

 Whether you are looking to succeed on a national level or need guidance with creating a trustworthy trail horse with OUR UNIQUE, PROVEN, approach & to teaching horse & rider as well as equine management you won't be disappointed. We provide equine training & horsemanship instruction as well as coaching in the disciplines of Western and English Equitation, Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Showmanship, Trail and the foundations of Reining. 
Operating as a holistic equine center, we, along with multiple specialists that we work with bring the best of health care experience to you through Red Horse Wellness. We recognize the need for the rider or owner to be in good physical, mental & spiritual shape' So we provide a variety of services, such as nutrition, yoga for equestrians & biofeedback. You won't be disappointed!


To better understand our philosphies and methods visit the "about us" page and then be sure to click on services and programs to see our exciting and innovative offerings combined with the best of the traditional practices of horsemanship & husbandry.




We are also very pleased to host the eastern US headquarters for The Holistic Horse Care Cooperative also known as The Holistic Herd. The original founder, Robin Davis, is a longtime colleague & friend. Our visions of making holistic care easily available matched so closely we have joined efforts to accomplish this. Please visit us on the website www.holistic-herd.com . You can also get to know the Holistic Horse Care Cooperative directly from the website. Please join us in supporting the efforts to educate, access & share holistic care & knowledge!


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